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Brooklyn Street, 1889

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This photograph was taken looking south, down Brooklyn Street, in 1889, from just above 121 Brooklyn. The bridge in the foreground crosses Wheeler Brook, which now flows through a culvert under the street.

Work day at "The house next door"

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108 Brooklyn Street, aka "The house next door", which we purchased in November of 2014, has been receiving a lot of work to make it ready to serve as our Common House. Everybody chips in!

Mel, Emperors, and Clothing

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Reading Heather’s blog about “The Emperor’s New Clothes” resulted in a trip down memory lane for me. It is with laughter (and yes, fellow parents/guardians, sometimes it takes a few days, or even weeks, before I can laugh!) that I share a few “incidents” with you, with explicit permission from my son Mel to do so. Here are three stories: "The Bank Incident", "The Skirt Incident", and "The Supermarket Incident".

Pointing Out That the Emperor Has No Clothes

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Most of us pick up a few social conventions very early. For example, if conditions are awkward or potentially embarrassing, we ignore those circumstances or tell white lies that deny their existence. Children on the spectrum, however, are much more likely to announce - plainly, accurately, loudly, and clearly - exactly what they observe, and point out what is most unusual about the situation.

Renovating 133 Brooklyn Street

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To the best of my memory, I have lived in 23 different places. We moved a lot when I was a kid, as my father was in the foreign service; until I was in my forties, my grad school dorm room was the place I had lived the longest. Although my family built a house when I was in high school, I had never had the chance to design my own living space, so buying and renovating 133 Brooklyn Street was exciting both for that reason as well as because it was helping to build an intentional community. 


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