by Mel Accetta


In Heaven, there be a Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Pedrin's, Friendly's, and Jack's Hot Dog Stand all over, every street.  And God makes sure Stephen has lots of one dollars.  You not really need money in Heaven, but Stephen do, because he loves to pay.  Mary Anne, not be worried the food not healthy.  There be no sick and no pain in Heaven.  No, never ever again.

In Heaven, there be a game every single night.  For real.  I not kidding.  Football, baseball, hockey.  Pete, no time between season.  You not have to say "Oh No, now what we gonna do till baseball starts?"

Guess what growing on the tree outside Stephen's new house?  Blueberries and Klondike bars!  But 2 things Stephen not want to do in Heaven.  No ride motorcycles.  And no sing "Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel".  He wait for his family to do that.

We miss you Stephen.  Make the people in Heaven laugh.  Not get in too much trouble.  Be happy.  Love, Mel.

We've edited this a bit, and changed some of the phrases into whole sentences to make it easier to understand, but Mel wants you to know that the ideas and feelings about his good friend are all his.  Thank you.