Intentional Communities

Some people consider an intentional neighborhood a return to the best of small-town America.
Futurists suggest that intentional communities are a response to the 21st century's social, economic, and environmental challenges.
We say it's an ideal balance of privacy and community — a safe, sustainable, and rewarding way to live! Imagine a neighborhood where...
  • Neighbors know each other well, and can socialize, if they choose, over home-cooked dinners or shared activities in a comfortable common house.
  • People of all abilities and their families and friends are life-long members of a diverse community.
  • Neighbors live much more sustainably after renovating or building wisely, and share common resources.

Our New "Old Fashioned" Neighborhood

We value acceptance, inclusion, and self-determination. We believe everyone deserves to be a life-long contributing member of a diverse community, and to have the opportunity to develop life-long, meaningful relationships. We know that all members of our community have something to learn from one another, and that everyone should have "a voice at the table". We enjoy life sharing!

Our community is developing into an old-fashioned neighborhood, created with strong values, and a little ingenuity. It brings together the value of private homes with the benefits of safety, community support, and more sustainable living.  This means:

  • Greener buildings, common resources, and strong connections with neighbors.
  • Affordable housing options that are flexible, and able to change to meet individual needs to the extent that is reasonably possible.
  • Opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to live, work, and socialize together.
  • Nurturing one another's interests and abilities, and supporting individual interests and choices.

The Brooklyn Street Neighbors is unique in that it combines the vision and mission of an intentional community — and also welcomes and supports diversity, including people with special needs and their families and friends. It is also unusual in that it is a retrofit of an old and established neighborhood, rather than a new development - and it is reflective of our commitment to the revitalization of North Adams. We want to be part of a thriving, sustainable community — we know it can happen, one neighborhood at a time!


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